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HKT’s leading fixed-mobile integration combines the strengths of our fixed and mobile networks to provide a unified communication experience, enabling enterprises to stay connected with business partners anytime, anywhere.

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Fixed-Mobile Integration

With our On-the-go services, you can use your office-line number for business communications on your personal mobile. Check and manage your company voicemail to stay close to your business.

Value-Added Services

We offer a variety of value-added services for you to choose according to your business needs to enhance your communications.

24/7 Technical Support

Our 24/7 technical support hotline provides assistance for businesses at anytime, anywhere.

Professional Telephone Services

Choose the telephone services that best fit your business needs. Upgrade to one communications for a unified business communication experience.

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Enjoy extra $200 supermarket coupons upon successfully online application of business telephone service.

We offer a wide range of professional grade business telephone services


Business Telephone Line provides the basic fixed line service which is suitable for company with a few users. It helps control the cost of business operation. Customer can stay in touch with thier business associates through the following value-added services:
– Caller Display
– Call Waiting
– Call Forwarding Bundle
– Call Transfer Conference
– PhoneMail


Citinet is an a business telephone service that offers fast and direct communication to business users. It provides many functions that bring convenience to users directly from digital exchanges. Some of them include Call Pick Up, Call Hold, Call Transfer, and Intercom Dialing.


Hunting Line service provides interconnection between your branching equipment such as Keyline system, and the PSTN. Customer can designate a hunting group while the system will automatically search for available telephone lines according to your preset hunting sequence.

It is suitable for company with CS hotline – numbers of telphones can share the same business line.


DDI connects a caller to the extensions of your certified and evaluated PABX system without going through a phone operator. It separates incoming and outgoing calls which can reduce the chance of missing incoming calls due to “busy line”.


IDA employs digital technology to provide multichannel voice and voice band communication between customer equipment and the PSTN.


HKT offers various fax packages with advanced service features to complement your fax machines and enable you to create business success.


Datel is a general-purpose dial-up service for local and international data transmission over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Businesses are connected to digital switching and network facilities suitable for data transmissions. It applies to selected POS system which is suitable to company that needs prooviding credit payment service.

On-the-go – Service Features

  1. Office-line Extension
    Make calls on your personal mobile while the caller ID show only your office number.

  2. Visual Voicemail
    Receive company voicemail instantly with important messages prioritized.

  3. Visual Faxmail
    Check fax messages at any time and stay close to your business.

  4. Presence Management
    Manage business communications with predefined profiles via your mobile app.

You may also use your HKT Business Telephone number to apply for BizWise solution to unify the communication channels with customers.

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