Fixed-Mobile Integration

Grasp more business opportunities with dual networks

Stable · Ultra-fast · Reliable

To provided even greater support for SMEs, HKT is now introducing a 3-in-1 package including Business Broadband, 5G Mobile Network and an On-the-go Mobile App to give you ultra-fast, stable and reliable networks both inside and outside the office.


Business Broadband

Benefit from an ultra-fast premium network with exclusive 5A broadband network protection and enterprise grade security.
HKT’s fiber-optic broadband network serves commercial and industrial buildings in all Hong Kong districts.


5G Mobile Network

Enjoy easy online marketing and business management on mobile devices with ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency csl 5G network services and fixed-mobile integration.

On-the-go Mobile App

Extend your office communications and stay connected with your business partners and office work at anytime from anywhere so you never miss any business opportunities. 

《Online Exclusive Offer》

Enjoy extra $200 supermarket coupons upon successfully online application of fixed-mobile integration solution.

Step into the 5G Era. Digitalize Your Business

On-the-go – Service Features

  1. Office-line Extension
    Make calls on your personal mobile while the caller ID show only your office number.

  2. Visual Voicemail
    Receive company voicemail instantly with important messages prioritized.

  3. Visual Faxmail
    Check fax messages at any time and stay close to your business.

  4. Presence Management
    Manage business communications with predefined profiles via your mobile app.

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