Mobile Membership Solution

By managing customers' information electronically, and using the exclusive smart phone application system to send offers to members at any time, wherever they are, the system helps to build your brand image. Your customers can also register as members using their phone numbers, collect stamps and redeem gifts which can improve loyalty and return rates.

Human Resources Management Solution

This automates tedious daily human resource (HR) tasks, such as employee file management, vacation management, calculating salaries, MPF, tax filing, while also reducing human error and improving work efficiency.

Cloud Accounting Solution

This solution provides automated accounting services that allow you to handle accounting, sales, inventory, and expenditures on a unified interface. It also provides different financial analysis and reports to help you better understand your business operations and market trends. You can log in through a computer or smart phone, while data is automatically uploaded to the cloud server, which is closely monitored 24 hours a day. As a result, you can easily manage their accounting at any time, from anywhere.

eShop Solution

Helps you to easily create, manage and expand online stores, allowing customers to browse and check product details on mobile devices at anytime, anywhere.

eMarketing Solution

The program provides a variety of promotional email templates. The system has a variety of functions and an easy-to-use interface. You can easily create promotional emails to promote business and increase visibility, and manage and analyze customer information without IT or HTML expertise.

Virtual Reality (VR) Solution

This is a one-stop service that includes shooting and production. It establishes an online store through Virtual Reality (VR) to imitate a real life store environment so that consumers can browse goods and services no matter where they are and download and share coupons. By integrating with a Facebook platform, this can strengthen publicity and promotions to attract more customers.

Retail POS Solution

A full, touch-screen interface simplifies the cash register process. The system automatically analyzes data and provides different reports to help users better understand their overall business operations. With the HKT smart POS all-in-one payment solution, transaction settlements are simple, flexible, quick and accurate.