New Normal Business Solutions

The COVID-19 epidemic has drastically changed all our lifestyles. To adapt to this new normal, companies need to embrace rapid digital transformation.

HKT understands the needs of SMEs. Apart from ultra-fast fiber broadband and 5G networks, we also provide a variety of flexible and economical business solutions, to ensure your transformation to digital is both quick and easy.

The New Normal in Offices

Remote working from home and elsewhere has become the new general practice for many office workers. So now companies have to seek ways to ensure their operations and collaborations will continue as usual. Cloud communication and collaboration solutions can help you overcome geographic restrictions and ensure that your flexibility and team work remain as strong as always.

New Normal Office Solutions
Empowers Remote Working and Collaboration

1000M Broadband with Cybersecurity Protection
+ Microsoft 365/Accounting Cloud Solution/On-The-Go HR Solution
+ Fixed Line with Office-On-The-Go App 

From just HK$248 a month

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Microsoft 365
Supports online meetings and real-time multi-person collaboration, even if everyone is in different places
Accounting Cloud Solution
Simplifies accounting entry work and supports multiple users operating at the same time
On-The-Go HR Management Solution
Handles salary calculations, work schedules and staff attendance information remotely
Office-On-The-Go Mobile App
Manages office calls and voicemail messages remotely

Retail and F&B in the New Normal

During the epidemic, the retail and F&B industries have had to quickly establish digital operation flows to cope with the new consumer normal of “not going out” and “cashless payments”.  

Online shopping, online reservations, takeaway ordering apps, and integrating online and offline (O2O) businesses, all help you to seize new opportunities 

New Normal Retail and F&B Solutions

Unleash new market opportunities with O2O commerce and digital payments

From just HK$248 a Month

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• Online shop Solution

• Online Booking Solution

• SmartPOS Payment Solution

Digital Food Ordering Solution

An All-in-one Platform

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✓ Receive Orders Online

✓ Simplifies the takeaway ordering process

✓ Supports online and mobile app payments