Business Wi-Fi

Consultation, installation, Maintenance All In One

Starting from $28/month

Compared to home Wi-Fi, Business Wi-Fi requires more extensive coverage and higher security. HKT provides SMEs an all-in-one network service, from consultation, installation, and maintenance, to cater all their needs. By ensuring SMEs a fast, stable and reliable network, HKT allows you to focus more on your business development.

One-stop consultation and service.

HKT will provide router and Wi-Fi solutions that are most suitable for your business needs based on your requirements, such as office area and layout design.

Professional installation & maintenance

Our professionals will provide advices on the best signal reception spot on-the-site. If you have any difficulties, we will also provide support and free maintenance to ensure smooth operation of your business.

Flexible Monthly Subscription For Easy Upgrades

Flexible plans with a variety of Wi-Fi router options. HKT Business Wi-Fi service starts from $28/ month, a budget-friendly choice for SMEs.

Wide Range of Plans for All Your Business Needs

Your Economic Choice

Suitable for small offices of about 100 square feet. A budget-friendly option fulfills basic business Wi-Fi needs.

Starting from $28/month

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Your Flexible Choice

Good fit for general SMEs, especially for those with more interior limitations or those that need a quick installation.

Starting from $68/month

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Choice for Retail, F&B Industries

Connecting via Access Point (AP). Ideal for businesses that require more control on usage permissions and a customized guest Wi-Fi login page.

Starting from $120/month

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Limitations on Interior Settings

  • Access points (APs) need to be installed on the office’s ceiling
  • Restaurants with insufficient power sockets and requires POE for power supply
  • Tutorial centers / party rooms etc that may have many rooms, which can affect Wi-Fi reception.

HKT provides multiple plans to suit different interior settings.
Our experts will perform on-site radio checks and installations
to ensure a dead zone-free workplace.

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Wi-Fi Connection for Multiple Users & Devices

  • Computers/printers/scanners in office require wireless internet connection
  • Educational/tutorial center with digital devices for STEM education
  • Online ordering system in restaurant & café using phones, tablet

Our experts will suggest the required no. of routers and APs to best fit your needs. You also have the option to add more as your business grows.

A Public Wi-Fi to Enhance Customer Experience

  • Wi-Fi is now essential for restaurants, fitness centers, salons
  • Utilize the guest Wi-Fi login page to do promotion
  • Minimize cybersecurity risks by setting Wi-Fi usage control
  • Analyse the Wi-Fi usage for better business strategies

HKT Biz Wi-Fi allows you to have better control on the Wi-Fi usage and so
improve your security and efficiency. You can also customize the guest
login page to promote the latest promotions.

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Limited IT Resources

  • Absence of IT experts to monitor/update the network setting regularly
  • Outsourced IT services cannot promptly handle network issue

Only $28 up per month to enjoy one stop service: installation, maintenance & upgrades. Saving both financial and time resources for SMEs.

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