Trading, Manufacturing & Logistics

Logistics and Fleet Management Solution

The one-stop logistics and smart fleet management platform can manage online logistics orders in real-time, arrange fleet deliveries, and confirm receipts to track the progress of collections and deliveries.

Human Resources Management Solution

This automates tedious daily human resource (HR) tasks, such as employee file management, vacation management, calculating salaries, MPF, tax filing, while also reducing human error and improving work efficiency.

Enterprise Resource Planning

This provides a unified interface to view data and reports such as purchasing, logistics, sales, and inventory. Users can use their mobile phones or tablets to enter data into the company system so the company can take appropriate follow-up action to improve operational efficiency.

Cloud Accounting Solution

This solution provides automated accounting services that allow you to handle accounting, sales, inventory, and expenditures on a unified interface. It also provides different financial analysis and reports to help you better understand your business operations and market trends. You can log in through a computer or smart phone, while data is automatically uploaded to the cloud server, which is closely monitored 24 hours a day. As a result, you can easily manage their accounting at any time, from anywhere.

Document Management Solution

The multi-function photocopier integrates photocopying, printing, faxing, cloud scanning and cloud file management. With HKT Cloud Office storage, file management becomes simple and easy.

PDF Document Editing Solution

This is multifunctional software specifically designed for PDF files. Products include PDF readers, editing tools, searchers, and security components, all of which have been certified by Microsoft®. The solution can provide PDF files with encryption and OCR functions, making file processing and searching faster and easier.