Supportive Partners to SMEs

Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme (DTSPP)

The HK government has launched the Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme (DTSPP), allocating HK$500 million to support eligible SMEs in the retail and F&B industries. SMEs can receive up to HK$50,000 in a 1:1 matching scheme to improve business efficiency and enhance competitiveness via digital transformation.
As supportive partners to SMEs, HKT has extensive experience in providing solutions, professional advice and post-sales support.

Funding Segment

Retail /Food & Beverage SMEs

Funding Amount

Up to HK$50,000

Funding Quota

Approx. 8,000 SMEs

Solution Categories

Digital Payment Solutions and Shopfront Sales
(Open For Applications)

Establishing e-payment channels for automated payment process and leveraging self-service solutions and POS systems as new sales channels. .HKT’s offers include:
Basic Plan – SmartPOS + POS System
CRM Plan – SmartPOS + POS System + CRM System + Mobile Phone/Tablets

All offers include HKT 1000M Business Broadband with WiFi /​5G Business Broadband

Online Promotion

Develop company websites and social media pages, or help promote their business through online search engines and social media.

Customer Management and Loyalty Solutions

Utilize customer management systems(CRM) like digital membership cards or e-vouchers to enable more interactions with existing customers, while effectively storing and analyzing sales data.

Choose HKT as Your Digital Transformation Partner!

We offer end-to-end support for SMEs, providing application advice and ongoing assistance to overcome time-consuming and tedious procedures. Our services include digital solutions, network services, hardware, and more. With our support, you can focus on business development and experience a hassle-free transformation process

Why HKT?

  • Safe: Approved by SRAA& equipped with dual network security protection
  • Reliable: Assisted over 100K+ SMEs in digital transformation  ​
  • Professional: ​Dedicated project managers provide one-on-one support for applications.​
  • Experienced: ​Assisted SMEs in successfully applying over 1000 projects under D-Biz ​
  • Diversify: ​One-stop digital transformation solutions that save time and are convenient.​
  • Comprehensive: ​Conducting training workshops ​

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What's the application procedure?

1. Fill and submit HKT’s enquiry form​ (Get a $100 coupon upon a free consultation session with us^)
2. Our dedicated consultant provides introduction to the solution details
3. Choose HKT’s solutions as your funding option
4. Dedicated project manager provide one-on-one follow-up on your case

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What documents do i need?

To apply for the DTSPP fund, you will need:

  • Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  • Company Registration Certificate (CR)
  • Address proof (Electricity/Water Bill)
  • Eligible FEHD licence (F&B SMEs)
  • Photos of Shopfront

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What is SRAA?

Security Risk Assessment and Audit (SRAA) is a government-established and recognized program in Hong Kong. Its primary objective is to ensure that the level of network and data security meets industry standards, protects network assets, and enables defense and proactive detection of potential security risks. ​All funding programs provided by HKT are SRAA certified, and our commercial Wi-Fi and 5G networks are equipped with high-quality network security protection

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