HKT x Google Workspace
Cloud Collaboration Platform

Google Workspace is powered by the best-in-class AI and search technology to make collaboration smarter and super efficient. Pair it with HKT’s ultra-fast 1000M optical fiber and 5G network, and your whole way of working will be completely transformed.

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Smart Editing and Communicating Tools

Google Workspace is powered by the best-in-class AI technology to learn your data usage and habits, and help you reduce tedious procedures to help you work smarter and more efficiently. It offers easy-to-use editing and communication tools so your team can collaborate more effectively.

Collaboration Tools

Google Workspace makes collaboration more effective with application tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and others that allow you to edit simultaneously anytime, anywhere. They come with the communication tool Meet to help your team stay securely connected.

Smart Calendar

Google calendar allows you to share your schedules and quickly find out the best times and rooms for meetings. Powered by Google AI, the calendar can save you hours of planning so you can spend more time in doing the actual work.

Smart Compose

Smart suggestions powered by Google AI are made to help you compose faster and more accurately. This function can significantly save you from typing up to 1 billion English characters each week and reduce grammar as well as spelling errors.


Gmail will remind users to follow up on unsent emails to avoid missing out on any opportunities. The confidential mode can limit the recipients’ access time and prevent recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing sensitive email content.

Cloud Search

Cloud Search is like a search engine specifically built for your company. You can find all the relevant files you need across the company’s entire cloud system simply by searching keywords.


Users can easily analyze up to 10 billion rows of data even without any SQL knowledge and improve operational efficiency through big data.

Personal Gmail vs Google Workspace

Google Workspace allows companies to create email accounts with their own domains while keeping the easy-to-use Gmail interface that most people are familiar with. By contrast, personal Gmail is completely free of charge. The information stored by employees is personally owned and not as functional. That’s why it is not suitable for commercial use. Google Workspace has also added some unique functions to meet commercial needs.

  • Create company email with customized domains
  • Cloud storage starts from 30 GB which is double that of Gmail
  • Enterprises can control user rights and accessibility of employees depending on their needs
  • All users in the default domain can view the files, depending on the accessibility settings

HKT’s unique advantages lead the new way of working

Combined with an enormous and reliable network, emerging technologies and the strong team of experts, HKT helps you to break through conventional work routines by offering a wide array of solutions.

Extremely fast networks to help you grasp market opportunities

Our ultra-fast 1000M optical fiber and 5G network allow you to connect with the world at high speed anytime, anywhere.

Various service packages to meet your business needs

We provide a one-stop diversified service packages to meet your various needs while reducing administrative time and cost.

Flexible payments that fits your budget plan

We provide different payment plans such as Pay-as-you-Go, and monthly and annual installments to meet your different enterprise needs.

Seamless integration and professional support

HKT’s professional teams helps you to do system transfers and integration. Whether it is for email or domain name transfers, it can be handled easily and seamlessly.

Service plan

Business Starter

Business Standard

Business Plus

Enterprise Standard



per month per user


per month per user


per month per user


per month per user
(contact us for other versions)

Cloud Storage

30 GB per user 2 TB per user* 5 TB per user* From 5 TB per user^

Suitable business type

Require email with custom domain name and basic cloud office funtions only Most SMEs
Teams often work from home or require co-editing files in real time
SMEs with high requirements for account control and security Large enterprises with professional IT administrators High requirements for account control and security

Contract term

Free to go or 12/24/36-month contract

Pricing Model

Pay monthly or annually

Custom domain name

 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Max. participants for video meetings

100 150 500 500

Cloud Search

 No 1st party data 1st party data 1st & 3rd party data

Admin Right Comparison

Ownership of cloud drive


2-step verification

 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Group-based policy controls

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Advanced Protection Program

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Endpoint management
Remotely manage your mobile fleet

Fundamental Fundamental Advanced Enterprise

Vault Retain, archive, and search data

 No No  Yes Yes

Other management control functions

 No No No
  • Security center
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Cloud Identity Premium
  • Context-aware access
  • S/MIME encryption
  • Data regions
  • Access transparency

*At least 5 user accounts.  For 4 user accounts or less, each user will have 1TB storage
^If you need more storage, please contact us for more details

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