Food and Beverage

Mobile Membership Solution

By managing customers' information electronically, and using the exclusive smart phone application system to send offers to members at any time, wherever they are, the system helps to build your brand image. Your customers can also register as members using their phone numbers, collect stamps and redeem gifts which can improve loyalty and return rates.

Restaurant Reservation Solution

The online and mobile versions support different functions such as table management, Facebook or online reservations, social platform promotion, central and cross-store call centers, data management analysis and queue management. All of which lead to an enhanced customer experience and improved customer relationship. The system not only improves efficiency overall, but also saves time and manpower. The system can also be promoted according to the patronage model of different customers to expand the potential customer base.

Human Resources Management Solution

This automates tedious daily human resource (HR) tasks, such as employee file management, vacation management, calculating salaries, MPF, tax filing, while also reducing human error and improving work efficiency.

Cloud Accounting Solution

This solution provides automated accounting services that allow you to handle accounting, sales, inventory, and expenditures on a unified interface. It also provides different financial analysis and reports to help you better understand your business operations and market trends. You can log in through a computer or smart phone, while data is automatically uploaded to the cloud server, which is closely monitored 24 hours a day. As a result, you can easily manage their accounting at any time, from anywhere.

Digital Signage

These displays offer interactive messages to attract customers, and use cloud technology to update videos and promotional messages at different locations in real time or at scheduled times. This allows you to boost sales and improve their brand image. System monitoring and broadcast report analysis tools, allow for easy management of the promotion platform.

POS Solution

The cloud-based POS system for the catering industry can be adjusted to meet the needs of different restaurant operating modes. Basic functions include menu settings, ordering, inventory management, and data analysis. The system can automatically distribute orders to different catering departments for processing, which simplifies the overall operation process, while different reports can help users to better understand their overall business operation. With an HKT Smart POS all-in-one payment solution, transaction settlement is faster and more accurate.