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This registration form only applies to service accounts which register for eBills for the first time. If a customer submits more than one e-form for the same service account, we will process the registration based on the first e-form received. For enquiries or changes to existing eBill registration information, please call our Business Customer Service Hotline 10088 (after language selection, press 4 then 3) or contact your Account Relations Executive.

Submission of this e-form signifies that your company has read and agreed to all the terms and conditions set out in the relevant letter and this e-form (including the “Personal Information Collection Statement” ) to register for eBilling. All the information provided by your company under this e-form is up-to-date, complete, true and correct. By registering for “eBills”, your company agrees to the proposed use of your contact information provided in this e-form for receiving customer service information and promotion materials (including contract expiry notifications, online renewal offers and rewards, as well as the latest news in your industry). If you do not agree, please leave the following check box blank. You have the right to withdraw your consent in the above manner at any time.

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